Our Story

If you want to create something really cool, you need to do this as for yourself. It is about us. Goodevas story has its roots in far 2017, when three best friends and happy parents Alex Slobodyanyk, Jane and Alex Tsilyk were trying to create something new and really cool for their children, something that makes their children’s childhood interesting and exciting. Where was this? In a beautiful city Kyiv – the capital of no less beautiful country Ukraine.

All started from spontaneous ideas, simple drafts, visualizations, and then we got the first prototypes. At the first time, we started our production on experienced manufactures, that, due to our thoughts, was the best way to get the best quality. But unfortunately, it was an essential mistake. No one third-party manufacturer was interested in constant improvement of product and hence improvements, changes in equipment, production methods.

We realized our need in our own production, where we can personally control every step of manufacturing our products, change approaches, improve and create a more effective way to make our products better for our customers. As it was said once: “No one can do better than yourself”. Therefore, since 2020 we have launched our own production. We are always trying to be closer to our clients and provide them maximum comfort, so we organized our own warehouses in the main regions such as USA, Europe and the UK, where products are always supplied in sufficient quantity and with the best quality.

The main concept of Goodevas brand

The main purpose for us was to create such kids’ play environment, where it will be possible to develop both physically and psychologically. After long investigations, we came to the conclusion that nothing is more suitable for this than active play using sport’s goods. Thereby that children have the opportunity to test/improve their skills of balance control, movement, motor skills, increase their courage, developing many other skills such as language skills, emotions, creativity, social skills during the play.

To ensure such leisure and development of children, it is necessary to observe the appropriate quality and safety, over which we make every effort. Also, we value beauty and emotional experience while using our products, constantly improving these indicators to provide maximum kids interest in using sport’s goods.

For several years our own children use Goodevas wooden gym enjoying every minute spent for it and we hope that your children, like ours, will also have a lot of joy, pleasure, and, of course, benefit from this.

This is just the beginning and there are many ideas and their realizations ahead of us, and all for the sake of the most precious thing we have, our future – dear children. Let’s do our children healthy & happy together!